“how to” videos

Tips and techniques to help you get started with your creative expression in music, writing, movement, and photography.

How to dive into creative expression and get that “Aha!” moment

These short videos feature our team of experts in action as they show you a few easy ways to have your own moments of creative expression. These moments can help empower your life for joy and well-being, and perhaps set you on the path to acquiring new skills. Your host in each of these is Fred Johnson, Artist-in-Residence at the Straz Center, and the coordinator of the VetArtSpan program.  Enjoy!

A note about these videos: to be respectful of COVID-19 restrictions, we recorded these with everyone in their own space using Zoom. 

How To Take Better Pictures with Your Phone Camera

How To: Take Better Pictures with Your Phone Camera

Merrilee Jorn, Art Therapist at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital,  demonstrates several very useful tips for getting the most out of the features on your cell phone camera. You can be a great photographer – check out these simple techniques that work well on the cell phone camera you always have with you. Dive right in!

Women Veterans: Part 1

How To: Use Movement for Health and Well-being

Brittni Cleland, Movement Specialist at the James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital, shows us an easy way to transport ourselves into a scene or a journey through movement. By stringing together simple movements based on our memories and observations, we can get the healthy benefits of creative movement. In this demonstration, you can even stay in your chair! Join us!

How To Dive Into Your Writing

How To: Dive into Your Writing

Jennifer Harman,  co-founder and president of The Storytellers Alliance, guides us through the process of getting started with writing. No matter what you would like to write – journal, blog, letter, or even your novel – it helps to follow her techniques for starting to confidently fill that blank page. Dive right in!

How To Dive Into Making Music

How To: Dive into Making Music

Fred Johnson, Artist-in-Residence at the Straz Center and coordinator of the VetArtSpan program, leads us through a very accessible way to start making music without worrying about having a musical instrument or any experience with being a musician. Dive right in!

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