VetArtSpan Project

Building a unified community of support for veterans and their families through the arts.

Your Vet Chat

An Online Discussion with You

Thursday October 15 @ 6:00 pm

The Straz Center continues our commitment to the veteran community, their families, and caregivers. In these days of social distancing, we recognize the need to do all we can to support our ability to come together, share conversation, identify resources, and celebrate the importance of connecting as a community. 

Let’s shorten the distance that separates us and lengthen the bonds that unite us! Join us for this opportunity to connect!

Forward March!

Know This

What veterans want you to know about their experience in service and in returning home.


Hear about the work of veterans, artists, art therapists, and community arts organizations.


See documentaries about the creative process as a modality for healing, for veterans, families, and therapists.

Interactive Gallery

Jump to the VetArtSpan/ArtThread Gallery and join the art-to-art conversation between veterans and the community.

Sponsors & Partners

These organizations are the sponsors, supporters, and creators of the VetArtSpan project.

Make Connections

Check out the many arts organizations that support veterans and their families.

About VetArtSpan

VetArtSpan is designed to demonstrate an artistic roadmap that serves to bridge the expanse of health, art and the collaborative efforts of the medical, science and art community in support of the healing, wellness and reintegration of our veteran citizens and their families. The program creates a platform for connecting and informing the civilian population about the structure and cultural nuances of military life and the important way the civilian community can support and enrich the reintegration of our veterans and their families as they return home to their neighborhoods. VetArtSpan is part of Creative Forces®: NEA Military Healing Arts Network, an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts.

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